• 29-04-2012 MCP >> NER MIN-2399.02,MAX-4003.54,AVG-3162.92
  • OTHER MIN-2399.02, MAX-3302.09, AVG-2987.32
  • SR MIN-3995.81,MAX-19750.99, AVG-6876.03

Welcome to Manikaran Power Limited

The Indian Power industry is in a dynamic phase. Unbundling of SEB’s & providing competition is the essence of Indian Electricity Act 2003. It is therefore essential that infrastructure and type of market be carefully designed & studied by every individual organization interested in open access & bias-free energy trading. CERC has approved collective bidding on a common platform so that price is determined by market forces and to achieve this start of Energy Exchanges in India was identified as the need of the day. Manikaran Power Limited (MPL) can help your organization acquire essential knowledge about power market issues and conce[..]

Power Trading

MPL will offer , on a daily basis, a double sided closed auction for delivery on the next day[..]

Renewal Energy Certificate

Renewable Energy is used to describe a source of energy generation that has the capacity to repl[..]

R. P. O.

Unlike the bundled electrification practices of prior 2003 scenario or bilateral trading, the client [..]