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Welcome to Manikaran Power Limited

Manikaran Power Limited (MPL) is the leading energy solutions company with pan India presence. From bringing the first client on Power Exchange in 2008 to having awarded as having highest number of registered clients in 2019, we have evolved ourselves as leading company with deep knowledge of local open access markets and regulations and are best placed to offer the most optimised power solution to utilities, generators and eligible C&I consumers from the entire gamut of options such as Exchanges, Bilateral, Group Captive both in conventional as well as renewable power. From 2020, with the launch of Gas Exchange, we already have the highest number of clients signed with us thus transforming ourselves to truly an energy solutions company.

MPL has maintained a remarkable position in the market in electricity trading since its inception in 2008. It seeks to provide comprehensive services in the power trading market to fulfill the Short term, Medium term as well as Long term energy requirements of its customers. As a power trader, MPL supports their clients with data driven power market analysis to help them get best returns. It is not only providing power in Day Ahead Market (DAM) through Exchanges but is also imparting the services to its clients in Term Ahead Market (TAM) of the Power Exchanges. MPL is adept at providing a wide range of services to its clients vide Sale/Purchase of power through Short/medium term trades, bilateral contracts and banking of power. It also specializes in trading of Renewable Energy Certificates on Power Exchanges platform.

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