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Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)

Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is the obligation mandated by the SERC under the Act to purchase minimum quantum of Renewable Energy out of the total consumption by the ‘Obligated Entity’.

Types: Solar and Non-solar

Obligated Entity means the :
  1. Distribution Licensees
  2. Open Access consumers
  3. Consumers owning Captive Power Plants.
Every Obligated Entity must meet its RPO by way of :
  1. Own generation or procurement of RE power from developer, OR
  2. Purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), solar and non-solar from the Power Exchanges.
  3. Combination of any of the above options.
  4. Solar obligation can be met by purchase of Solar RECs only, but on non availability, can be substantiated by non solar on permission from SERC.

If REC benefits are taken for a specified capacity of RE power, then it ceases to be green power and hence cannot be utilised for fulfilling RPO. Hence if a RE CPP user avails REC for his generation under consumption, then his consumption shall become obligated and hence RPO is applicable. However, the RECs received cannot be kept back for RPO fulfillment. He will have to sell the RECs and buy RECs from the Power Exchange for RPO.

Consequences of default :

Where the obligated entity does not fulfill the renewable purchase obligation as provided in these regulations during any year and also does not purchase the certificates, the Commission may direct the obligated entity to deposit into a separate fund, to be created and maintained by such obligated entity, such amount as the Commission may determine on the basis of the shortfall in units of RPPO and the forbearance price decided by the Central Commission.

Where any obligated entity fails to comply with the obligation to purchase the required percentage of power from renewable energy sources or the renewable energy certificates, it shall also be liable for penalty as may be imposed by the Commission under section 142 of the Electricity Act 2003.