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Smart Energy Management Sytem (SEMS)

Technical Description

Product Overview :
Smart Energy Management System is a tool to achieve the Intelligent Solutions for Open Access Consumers. It includes the real time monitoring of power parameters, managing and controlling the power consumption for the purpose of effective energy sale / purchase activities. It employs hardware implementation, software provisioning and accessing customized reports on post commissioning of the product.
About Manikaran Power Trading Limited :

Manikaran Power Trading Limited is a group company of Manikaran Power Ltd. It is started with an objective of fulfilling short-term as well as long-term energy requirements of customers, Manikaran is an Inter State Trading Licensee and a Trading Member on Indian Energy Exchange and Trading Cum Clearing Member on Power Exchange India Limited. We are among the first runners to enter in the Open Access Power Trading Market and holds about 35% of the clients on Energy Exchange by numbers. Our portfolio includes about 1400 clients across India. We thrive on data based intelligence. Manikaran offers a range of services targeting long-term and short-term energy requirements of customers.

1. Long Term and Short Term Energy Solutions :
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2. Proposed Solution :

The main hardware component of the platform is the SEMS device (Smart Energy Management System). The SEMS device communicates with the server over an encrypted GPRS or Ethernet broadband channel. The data from meter periphery reaches to the web server at an interval of every 30sec. The advance SEMS device features with the data logging technique which is compatible of storing all the electrical parameters for up to a minimum period of 1 year. This data storing process acts during any contingency to the communication failure or interruptions and as soon as the communication channel is restored it starts uploading the missed data to the server and visualising the same on the web portal as an advanced graphical representation.

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