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Smart Energy Management Sytem (SEMS)

3. SEMS Device :

SEMS device is the intelligent metering device which is connected next to the Main Utility power supply, Back up Gen-sets or any individual feeder. The SEMS device precisely measures the energy parameters at various nodes or at various equipment installed at the premises, and uses the meter’s communication port to fetch the data to the logger which is further communicateswith the main server via reliable communication channel. The data will be accessible at the web browser only to the authorised clients.

SEMS device Contains a 0.2s Class meter with a data logger along and a communication unit, all equipped in a single non-rustable and durable pvcenclosure. The required CT/PT & power supply connections are sorted on one side of the enclosurefor easy wiring.

SEMS web portal Allows to visualise the real time data as well as historical data from a minute resolution to an hourly data interval. Report generation facility are also available with custom time range (daily, yesterday, last month or any prescribed time). List of the energy parameters available on the web portal are listed as annexure -1 of this document.

4. Key Benefits for SEMS in Open Access Trading :
Accurate Bidding Reduce exposure and pilferage by accurate 15 min slot bidding 30 days
Base Line Monitoring 30 days Baseline creation to keep track of spikes and hence align the bid accordingly
Demand Management Demand Management or load shifting in case of deviation from bid
Cost Optimization Optimize the energy cost per strategic business unit by managing the cheapest source and aligning the processes
Penalties Reduction Manage Power Factor & Contract demand penalties
Web Based Access Remotely manage more than one location using the web based access
5. Applications of SEMS:
5.1 Class 0.2s Package:

The Class 0.2s package is an intelligent solution for open access consumer which helps in precise monitoring and controlling power consumption for the purpose of effective energy sale/purchase activities (Open Access Trading).The system will provide a real time accounting of energy consumption or generation in KW/KWH along with the other parameters (as mentioned in the annexure -1) for every 15 minutes time block thereby helping in Base line monitoring and increasing accuracy in bidding.