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Smart Energy Management Sytem (SEMS)

Peripherals Interface Type Parameter Description
Meter Communication RS-485 All electrical parameter For Data Acquisition from the meter
Controller Communication GPRS TCP/IP Packets For Web Interface
WiFi For Firmware Update
RS-485 Serial Data For Data Acquisition
Indicators Power Supply LED For Power Supply availability Indication
(inside the enclosure)
Network Connectivity LED For Network Connectivity(Inside the enclosure)
Internal Memory 8GB SD Card Serial Data For Data storage
Supply Voltage Standard 230V AC Input    
Power Consumption
(for the controller)
Max Power 15 W During data uploading
Avg. Power 7 W During normal Operation
Advantages and Applications :
  1. Remote monitoring of the power consumption/generation of the plant from anywhere in the world
  2. Can inform about individual contribution of different plants in the overall electric bill
  3. Estimate the power consumption patterns of individual node or plant
  4. Can be used to estimate the next month bill
  5. Help in carrying out the In-house energy auditing
  6. Can share the power data to govt. authorities and other legal bodies
  7. Can be useful to identify the cause of faults and to schedule anypro-active maintenance
  8. In case of Outages, it can provide pre-occurrence data and helps investigating the root cause
  9. Avoids human error and tampering in measurement of power or energy
  10. Saves time, man-power and efforts required in manual recording of data