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Smart Energy Management Sytem (SEMS)

  1. Measures overall Power and Energy consumption at any desired location of interest in real-time
  2. Gives essential parameters like VLL, VLN, I, PF, FREQ, kVA, kW, kWh
  3. Helps in improving electrical efficiency. User can maintain the power factor closer to unity with online monitoring of parameters by the system
  4. Keeps track on the power quality measures like voltage and current harmonics.
  5. Optimization of the contract demand by analysing on the weekly/monthly consumption patterns.
  6. Provides all the electrical parameters as data (in CSV format) as well as patterns in the form of graphs
  7. Graphs are zoomable and with values represented in detail at each data point in the graph
  8. Data can be monitored with resolution of a minute to an hour interval
  9. Automated daily emails for 15 minutes energy consumption
  10. Any electrical parameter can be monitored for any custom time range: daily/weekly/monthly/ or any specified dates since the date of installation.
  11. Multi-level logins can be created as per authority and hierarchy to view data as required (Optional)
7. Scope of work
  1. The Scope of work is as described below:
7.1 Survey
  1. We will carry out a study of the area to assess the feasibility of the solution and design a customized Solution.
7.2 Installation
  1. Installation of SEMS is in our scope. However, the installation of CT/PT (if required for connection of SEMS),is not included in our scope.
7.3 Commissioning
  1. After the installation, we will make sure that the SEMS device are transmitting the data to the server,we will also carry out a check for data integrity for all the devices.
7.4 Maintenance

We will maintain the complete system for a period of 1 year. We will make sure of the following :

  1. Replace faulty devices.
  2. Up-gradation of Software according to regulatory changes
  3. Server upgrades and maintenance.Post one year,the system can be used as per terms of AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge).